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It has slightly crossed my mind several times over the years, but I always brushed it off and thought it was impossible.

One person cannot change this sector, let alone one who depends on their job income. If you don’t depend on the thing that makes you stay awake at…

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But how easy it really is?

I’ve dragged mostly the regulators so far in the previous 2 stories and just touched a bit on what financial entities do wrong on purpose.

Now you know for sure that there are companies that try to “trick” the regulators all the time. …

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We talked in the previous story about categories and how these being very broad allows things to slip through the cracks.

The other side of the story

But the other side of it is, the regulators don’t really know that much about certain products. Think that when these people finished their studies, some products didn’t even…

You might have heard that financial entities need to report to regulators regularly. Depending on the type of financial entity, the country it operates in, where it has branches, what type of clients they have, financial products and services they have, etc. they have to report certain information back to…

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